Jazz Trombone, vocalist

Anna Nowik

I am a singing trombonist, based in Szczecin , Poland. I currently work as a bandleader of local Swing Lovers band, but also as a side woman in jazz big bands and jazz combos. Music is my great passion and I am swinging all the time . Traditional jazz and old swing styles are my inspirations. I blow my trombone with a smooth tone, a depth of emotion and a charismatic style, as well as I sing  songs  and express them with even softer voice. I am a graduate of Music Academy in Poznań, special award of Old Jazz Meeting festival in Iława laureate and  president of Szczecin  scholarship laureate

I perform mostly in Poland,but also in Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Italy or France.

I am also a dedicated teacher working passionately with children, trying to support them in their musical search.

I am open for collaboration, and if you feel like engaging me on any occasion, do not hesitate to contact me .


Swing Lovers Band

Band members

Anna Nowik

Vocal, trombone

Marcin Matecki


Janusz „Kanapa” Jędrzejewski

Double bass / bass guitar

Mariusz Lipiński


SWING LOVERS band was formed in 2001 in Szczecin, Poland  and since then has established a position as one of the most popular local swing & traditional jazzbands. Our unique style comes from our widely differing musical backgrounds but above all it is the traditional jazz  and early swing styles which give us the greatest inspiration and are kinds of music we specialize in. The music is our passion. Great tunes from the 1920s and ‘30s have inspired us since the very beginning , and we can’t seem to get enough.

The band’s line-up consists of four talented musicians to include lead vocal and trombone, piano, double bass and drums – the perfect combination for audiences of all ages.

The Swing Lovers Band is the perfect choice for parties, corporate events, dances, wedding receptions, reunions, concerts, or any occasion longing for a celebration of the Golden Era of music.

Do not hesitate to contact us today !

Upcoming events

11 Aug

Old Jazz Meeting - Złota Tarka

16 Aug

Muzyczne środy
Cafe 22, Szczecin

18 Aug

Żagle 2023

20 Aug

Żagle 2023

23 Aug

Muzyczne środy
Cafe 22, Szczecin

25 Aug


30 Aug

Muzyczne środy
Cafe 22, Szczecin